Friday, September 9, 2011

#1 - Me Too! But Why?

Twenty-two years, to the day, ended my employment with an 'invitation' to join about eighty of my fellow workers to load onto a bus for a special meeting at a vacant movie theater about two blocks from our company. Someone passed me on in the hallway and mumbled, “Don't get on the bus.” Upon entering the lobby of the theater, we were required to hand over our company security badges and all would be explained in the auditorium.

As you've guessed, we were terminated, because of downsizing. Many of the terminated employees were encouraged to 'visit' a special temporary employment service that would hire them right back into doing exactly the same job they had been doing, but with decreased pay and almost no benefits. The $1,400. outplacement training I was granted, did little to bolster my self-esteem and help explain to my family how I was going to begin pounding the streets for work, at fifty-three years old.

My skills and experience put me as an electronic technician and corporate computer programmer, but I might as well have been a janitor. I am now seventy-one years old and still get a bad taste in my mouth about that day.

I have only Heaven to thank for the experience moving me to a closer daily walk with the Savior and deep tears on the pages of scripture promises.

I recently read some on-line extended comments of some present day job searchers and all the work they've been going through to dot all their “i”s and cross all their “t’s”.

While some people view their own experiences and condition as evidence that God is sadistic is just the opposite of His character. Sadistic people enjoy causing pain and extreme cruelty to others. This is not in God's character nor does He allow it in His children.

God has no pleasure in seeing the man on the street corner with a sign in his arms asking for work, even just food money. We want to delve into how this truly loving God can allow such circumstances and His purpose, as best as we can determine.

A proper first step is to be settled in our own mind and heart that God has a great deal of good planned on our future steps and that we must look to Him with all our questions bathed in trust. But accusations toward Heaven will sink our ship even on a calm and sunny day.