Thursday, September 8, 2011

#2 – When Doing It Right is Not Enough

What was my boss thinking, when he/she let me go. I was doing so much extra to help my company. There were even those days I put in extra hours and didn't put it on my time card. What does my boss expect – BLOOD? 

In my daily Bible reading (actually FEEDING), I've just finished the book of JOB (pronounced, “Jōb”). So many verses sounded like blood was just what Job's boss (God in Heaven) was expecting. The very first verse of the book rushes right into describing Job's exceptional actions in the sight of Heaven. 

I'm a little too quick sometimes, to describe all my 'goodness' to a supervisor in trying to make my employment a little more stable in troublesome times. With these descriptions on the tip of my tongue, it makes it all the more confusing, why my job was terminated and another person (with not as much bragging rights as me) is kept on... maybe even taking my place. No doubt, I could flash our competing employment abilities on a monster scoreboard faster than updated game totals appear on a major league computerized scoreboard. But it'd still make no difference, in the decision to send me out the door. 

A little later we'll take a closer look at Job, his 'friends', and a few other people – that even had 'killer' bosses. The odd question comes to mind, “Would I rather have a 'killer' boss, or none at all?” Maybe we'll tackle that one a little later also. 

As with other troubling thoughts I've dealt with in the past, I have two directions I can travel in. Both are represented in front of me. One is the quad-core screamer computer with BILLIONS of websites just on the other side of my keyboard. But I see over and over the dead ends (and fatalities too) of unemployed people that have begged technology to show them the way to peace, purpose, and provision. Any 10-year old can see that's no real answer. 

Now with digital phones, computers, and other technology around me, my eyes fall on the only other direction for me to travel. It's a 'how-to' manual with ragged pages, and a loose flaking cover. The pages are yellow, and most are marked by my pen and my tears of so many storms weathered amid rocky shores of deception. 

As we are dealing with jobs; work, a pair of words in my Heaven-blessed 'how-to' manual come to mind. The words, very simply, are - “good works”. Hmmmmmm. This sounds like a lead well worth looking into. It is... far more than our minds can fully savor. The words are part of the description of that 'how-to' manual; yours and my Bible. 2nd Timothy 3:16 and 17 give a beautiful explanation of our Bible with the cap; the frosting; of it's whole purpose that ends with “all good works.” 

The exciting part about this 'how-to' manual is that it comes with a resident teacher. When God gave us the inspired words of the Bible, He also promised, to those who've truly trusted in His salvation, the Holy Spirit, to help us understand and apply its promises. 

In our following posts, we'll be looking at some of those promises and how they apply to us, in the circumstances we are now in. Stay tuned.