Monday, September 5, 2011

#5 - And You've Got It Rough?...

If I had a nickel for every time I thought everyone had it easier than me... well... I could've retired much sooner and with more goodies. We'll return again to a trusted history book with the strangest circumstances of employees that could even be dreamed up.

This Bible-time soldier was putting his life and his heart on the line every day, following his field maneuvers leader, Joab. But little did he know that, at the same time, his wife at home was forced into an affair that made his otherwise very faithful wife, very pregnant.

This soldier, Uriah, was given orders by his commander-in-chief (King David) to return home immediately. The pregnancy coverup was hatched by the king trying to get Uriah drunk, and spend bedroom time with his wife, Bathsheba, thereby covering up the illicit actions by the king. It didn't work. Uriah was both faithful to his wife and loyal to his fellow warriors, by sleeping on the palace front steps.

What terrible circumstances for a faithful, loyal soldier, to be sure. But it gets incredibly worse for this employee; this soldier in his nation's military. Uriah is ordered back to immediate front-line duty, and is to deliver a sealed letter to General Joab. Uriah has no idea he is delivering his own death warrant to Joab, as depicted in 2nd Samuel 11 verse 15.

It's important that you read the historic details in all its context and sense much of the ugliness of the consequences of sin and how it festers like any cancer.

Chapters 11 and 12 provide the facts to Uriah's murder, and the death of the newborn baby, he never saw.

The point to understand, is that faithfulness, loyalty, even disobedience, are not comparative judgments. We are each, individually held accountable by God for His provisions, leadership, and our moment by moment trusting in Him, and Him alone.

The two words, VOCATION and AVOCATION are important here. Vocation is his/her primary job; the one given most attention and energy to. A person's avocation is his secondary job, which should never jeopardize his vocation. Every Christian's vocation is to seek and follow God's Will. So then all other employment, reporting to or responsible for individuals is their avocation.

In light of the preceding descriptions, under Heaven, are you ever primarily 'unemployed'?