Tuesday, September 6, 2011

#4 - The Strangest Job Description

Job descriptions are often quite different than what was posted at job openings. Some of mine became completely different than the one I signed on for. As good jobs are becoming more and more scarce, the job descriptions are going to become even more skewed from fact. That's not something surprising, in the least. To put this all in a little more 'real world' context, let's consider the job description (as posted) of a very famous, very real employee we read of his job history. It's really enough to take a closer look at the ones you and I have seen.

The job posting went something like this. “Immediate position open; solo harpist; to be on call 24/7 for palace duty to entertain King Saul, exclusively. Must be highly qualified in the style of music that cheers up a woeful spirit. No sick leave, or vacation leave provided. Slouches need not apply.”

Jesse's son David, was 'hired' and excelled. His other skills included being valiant in battle and soon was promoted to include the King's armorbearer. David also volunteered for a little side job that we most often remember David for. He's very good at killing giants. Especially one that was called GOLIATH. The fanfare and notoriety was incredible. You'd think David would get the king's highest awards and a permanent place of favor on the 'King's Special People List'.

What history tells us (in God's Word) is that David gained another enemy. It was his boss the king. I've never had a boss that was daily focused on killing me, or even harming me, that I know of. Get a picture of this. David is playing his best harp music to cheer up the man before him. How do you cheer up a man looking into your eyes, with murder (of you) in his heart? David's job description certainly didn't even hint of the boss setting out to murder one of his employees (David).

You and I can't even imagine those work day stresses put upon David... just doing what he was told. David is faced with daily murder attempts on his life at work. When he leads the army in the field, he's faced with legions of enemies wanting to murder him. But it gets even worse. As the history of David's life unfolds, his own son, Absalom tries repeatedly to murder David, his own dad.

Would you call this a dysfunctional family? Whew!

A terribly wrong decision that happened earlier, involved David NOT being on the job where he was supposed to be. Our employee history book, our Bible, begins 1st Chronicles 20 stating that King David wasn't where he was supposed to be. “...at the time when kings go forth to battle...” tells us where David should have been. The latter part of the same verse says that David tarried at Jerusalem. What ensued was an affair that resulted in the death of an innocent baby.

The point here, is that whatever your employment status or rank is, be faithful to God, and the one who hired you (in that order) and stay faithfully on the job... more lives are at stake than you might imagine.